La Vida Cordova

Watts+Sparks, a Nigerian company, wanted to make the country's "first lifestyle brand". They wanted to create a brand to reflect an approachable, yet upscale aesthetic. I partnered with this forward-thinking company for complete brand creation, which included product development, branding, marketing, and export to Nigeria.

Project Overview.

Nigeria was a specifically challenging market in that there was a brand new, emerging middle-class that was hungry to show off their wealth. After extensive, in-depth market research, we decided on developing a brand that played to the young, flashy, nightlife crowd.


Watts+Sparks / "La Vida Cordova"
Visual Design / Brand Creation / Market Research / Product Development / Winemaking / Sourcing / Formulation / Export 
Award-winning winemaker, Justin Tatum, combined state of the art techniques with premium fruit from some of California's finest growers.


We researched and analyzed the emerging Nigerian market to develop effective strategies for brand creation, product development, country entry, and growth. Research company, Euromonitor, found that Nigeria had the fastest growing rate of new Champagne consumption in the world in 2013, second only to France, and ahead of rapid growth nations Brazil and China, and established markets such as the US and Australia. Additionally, there were numerous reports of celebrity parties in Lagos, that always had the finest champagne – Cristal, Dom Pérignon or Moet et Chandon rosé.

Nigeria had no lifestyle brands at the time so we wanted to make a product that had mass appeal visually and price-wise, but that was something that would be ordered as bottle service at a nightclub. 
Logo and alternate branding images.


We developed La Vida Cordova, a 2012 California Rosé that was deeply colored with floral notes of jasmine and honeysuckle. The first production was 5,000 bottles.